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Wear Red Sneakers

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Red sneakers are the sign for food allergy awareness. If you don’t have a pair, buy some and wear them to your next social function. Let the world know you support #redsneakersforoakley and get $10 off your red sneakers with our exclusive Dick's Sporting Goods coupon!


Post Photos on Social Media


Use these hashtags when posting your photos on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter to spread the knowledge. #livlikeoaks #redsneakersforoakley #foodallergyawareness

Donate to the Cause

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All donations are used to raise awareness about the dangers of food allergies through the creation of educational programs, community outreach and advocacy.   



Organize an event in your community

Oakley’s favorite sport was soccer.  The Debbs have begun yearly soccer tournaments and fundraisers in both Palm Beach FL and Quogue NY. It is way for entire families to come together in support of their friends with severe food allergies.  We encourage other communities around the world to organize their own soccer games, field days, tennis tournaments or whatever family recreation that is enjoyed.

plan an awareness program at your school

Schools are a gateway to reach children, parents and educators. We have worked with schools across the country to organize Red Sneakers Days, which include clinical education, defined precautionary programs, and industry facts from our national partners. The goal is not only to increase education and awareness, but to educate those who are not directly affected by them.  

support allergy sensitive food initiatives

We encourage restaurants to take the proper precautions in identifying the major food allergens on their menus, because there is too much at risk. The red sneakers logo can symbolize the restaurant’s taking responsibility and demonstrate their sensitivity to people suffering with food allergies. We also support influencers who pioneer allergy-conscious cooking through considerate recipes. 

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Allergy Sensitivity

Below you’ll find individuals and restaurants we’ve partnered with to promote allergy sensitivity, awareness, and provide educational resources to share with loved ones.

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Tracy Bush runs a blog called Nutrimom. She’s a Food Allergy Consultant who strives to bridge the gap between the time someone is diagnosed with a food allergy, and where their new journey into the world of allergy-friendly foods begins. A proud RSFO supporter, Tracy offers information and support as a professional, a food-allergic mother, and as a person who has years of experience in dealing with food allergies. She is certified in BioIndividual Nutrition, and has used her knowledge to write a great book called The Stepping Stones to Food Allergies. Click the button below to buy her book!


We love supporting young people who actively contribute to today’s food allergy discussion while making an effort to spread awareness. J.J. Vulopas is a college senior at The Wharton School who lives with life-threatening food allergies and started a blog to take action. He’s also the author of The Land of NOT, a children’s book he wrote “to help kids with food allergies discover their strengths,” he explains. The message behind The Land of Not, is to, as one veteran educator said, "inspire, empower and transform every child, [helping them] understand their possibilities rather than define themselves by their limitations.”

Click the link below to buy J.J’s book!

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A former financial and food industry analyst, Robyn O’Brien triggered an allergic reaction in the food industry when she asked: “Are we allergic to food or what’s been done to it?”

She has been called “food’s Erin Brockovich” by Bloomberg and the New York Times. From a conservative Texas family, Robyn earned an MBA on a full scholarship from Rice University, graduating as the top woman in her class before going to work as a financial analyst that covered the food industry. She graduated Summa Cum Laude from Washington and Lee, where she was also Phi Beta Kappa.


#AllergicToEverything is a cookbook and lifestyle guide for people with food allergies and the people who love them. #AllergicToEverything was created for people with food allergies, but the book’s benefits extend to everyone! The recipes are whole-foods based and delicious.  The book is split into two main sections – the guide (for navigating life with one or more food allergies) and the recipes (including both recipes for food and your home).  All #AllergicToEverything® recipes are free from gluten, wheat, corn, oats, eggs, shellfish, sesame, and soy.  The recipes are tailored to be flexible, including modifications for a diet and lifestyle free of the top eight major food allergens, including nuts and dairy.  Whether you are allergic to nuts (one of the top eight) or a vegetarian, you will find that the recipes are easily adaptable to your dietary restrictions.  

Jess was diagnosed with multiple food allergies in 2010 and her journey was extremely challenging. Having no idea how to start navigating her new life, she wrote the book because she needed a one-stop resource to help manage the dangerous complications of food allergies. Eating has always been a simple task for most people but becomes scary and painful for the food allergy community. Jess’ experience, her trials and tribulations, and her time spent on this endeavor are what make this book so incredibly valuable to the food allergy community. This campaign funds the first print-run of #AllergicToEverything. 

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Joey’s Home Bakery | Boynton Beach

Field of Greens | Florida

Rich’s Ice Cream | Everywhere

Caroline’s Cakes | Everywhere

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