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Interested in hosting a Red Sneakers for Oakley Day at your School?


Students can raise awareness of food allergies among their peers by wearing Red Sneakers and other red clothing. This inspires friends, family and classmates to participate in RSFO School Days, and brings the importance of food allergy awareness, advocacy and understanding to the forefront. These school days reach students, faculty and parents where it counts at school and at home.


The goal of our school program is to educate students, faculty, administration and parents on the severity of food allergies and anaphylaxis. Working hand-in-hand with schools through our certified RSFO Clinical Partners to establish and craft school allergy protocols, is one way we can provide a safer environment while educating each and every person on the dangers of food allergies, and how we can prevent fatal anaphylactic reactions together. 


RSFO School Days create a sense of community in support of students with food allergies and for all people who suffer from allergies alike. Through hosting these days we highlight the efforts of schools and communities on social media. This way we bind those suffering from allergies with their classmates. Peers learn how to support their friends, bringing the whole community together.


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Red Sneakers for Oakley has partnered with the organizations, Food Allergy & Anaphylaxis Connect Team (FAACT) and Food Allergy Research & Education (FARE), as they have both announced their new school programs.  Their individual programs offer statistical information that can be helpful when planning your Red Sneakers for Oakley Day.  For your convenience, we have included their links below.