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Red Sneaker Days

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Red Sneakers for Oakley (RSFO) brings global awareness of the dangers of food allergies and anaphylaxis to millions around the world in the hopes that no others will suffer from food allergies. We, Oakley’s parents established RSFO in honor of Oakley who loved his red sneakers. We have spent the last two years promoting RSFO Days as a simple program that allows everyone to come together wearing their red sneakers or cleats in recognition of those who suffer from food allergies. 

Utilizing schools as a gateway for reaching children, parents and educators has allowed Red Sneakers for Oakley to organize Days in communities across the country, and bring a sense of caring to its schools. It lets children know that their school and their friends support them and will do their best to provide a protected environment.  Oakley’s favorite sport was soccer, which prompted the Debbs to begin annual soccer tournaments and fundraisers in both Palm Beach FL and Quogue NY.  We hope that other communities will follow suit and make it their goal to host soccer events to raise awareness for food allergies so that what happened to Oakley will not happen to another person.

RSFO has also encouraged RSFO Days in businesses, organizations and local communities.  Through ‘dress down days at the office’ we learned that businesses have the same safety concerns as schools regarding food allergies and are excited to make RSFO Days a priority for their employees and their workplace. Many enjoy organizing events, including soccer games, field days, tennis tournaments…whatever family recreation is enjoyed by their particular group.

RSFO Days provides informational decks that outline clinical education, defines precautionary programs, and provides other industry facts that we have assembled from our national partners and made available on our website.  Our goal is to not only to increase education and awareness to the communities of those suffering with food allergies, but just as importantly, to educate those who are not directly affected by them. RSFO Days provides “a day” when everyone wears their red sneakers and participates together to raise awareness for the dangers of food allergies. We hope you will join us!


Why plan a Red Sneaker Day?

  • ENGAGE -

    People can raise awareness of food allergies among their peers by wearing Red Sneakers and other red clothing. This inspires friends, family and acquaintances to participate in RSFO days, and brings the importance of food allergy awareness, advocacy and understanding to the forefront. These days reach business people, families, students, and parents where it counts—in the workplace, at school and at home.

  • INFORM -

    The goal of our RSFO days is to educate people on the severity of food allergies and anaphylaxis. Working hand-in-hand with schools and businesses through our certified RSFO Clinical Partners to establish and craft school and workplace allergy protocols, is one way we can provide a safer environment while educating each other on the dangers of food allergies, and how we can prevent fatal anaphylactic reactions together. 


    RSFO days create a sense of community in support of those with food allergies and all who suffer from allergies alike. Through hosting these days we highlight the efforts of participating communities on social media. This way, we bind those suffering from allergies with their peers. If we learn how to support friends, we can bring our communities together.


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Check out the latest RSFO day below!


May 20th 2019| A Successful International Red Sneakers Day!

Thanks to everyone who participated in our inaugural worldwide day to promote food allergy awareness. Read more about the wake of our collective efforts below! We couldn't have done it without you.


Red Sneakers for Oakley has partnered with the organizations, Food Allergy & Anaphylaxis Connect Team (FAACT) and Food Allergy Research & Education (FARE), as they have both announced their new school programs.  Their individual programs offer statistical information that can be helpful when planning your Red Sneakers for Oakley Day.  For your convenience, we have included their links below.