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While you can browse Red Sneakers for Oakley without submitting personal information, if you choose to submit any personal information (such as subscribe to our newsletter, purchase products, or participate in an event, contest, or program, you will be asked for applicable personal data.) The purpose of collecting such data is to assist us in contacting individuals and when applicable, to collect payments made online. Red Sneakers for Oakley also uses this personal information to advise users of new online materials, activities, and events, so we may provide users with the opportunity to contribute to our local and national events and program initiatives.

Red Sneakers for Oakley also collects personal information offline from volunteers, donors, and event participants. Such information may include name, address, telephone number, e-mail address, age, and information regarding the donation. This information is collected through offline sources. We uses this personal information to inform volunteers and donors of new materials, and activities or events that offer the opportunity to contribute to our cause.

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For EU-based visitors and subscribers, the following provides information required by the GDPR relating to our use of your personal information.

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This is the information we use on a legal basis for processing

  • Contact information: name, address, e-mail address, and telephone number.

  • Purchaser information: credit card number, contact information, and billing information.

  • Demographic information: age, preferences, gender, educational degrees, ethnic background, interests, and diabetes-specific information.

  • Technical information: your IP address, browser type, domain names, access times, and referring website addresses.

  • Consent: to provide you with the content you request, as necessary for the performance of a contract. This is necessary to provide you with the content you request, and for he legitimate purpose of providing you tailored content, as well as the legitimate purpose of authenticating subscribers and optimizing website performance.


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We're a family-run charity. Spreading food allergy awareness while promoting advocacy and educational programs are the only interests we bear in mind. That being said, we refuse to share your personal information with any third parties—transparency is something we value.

We only want to help save lives, not complicate them.