My Kids Food Allergies - December 15th 2016

Red Sneakers for Oakley Foundation

"You may have recently noticed pictures circulating on social media of people sporting red sneakers. But do you know the story behind these pictures? More importantly, do you know about the little boy whose life inspired these pictures and what is now called The Red Sneakers for Oakley Foundation?

Eleven-year-old Oakley Debbs and his family, who reside in West Palm Beach. Florida, went to visit family in Maine for the Thanksgiving holiday. A coffee cake had been left sitting on the counter, and Oakley, his sister and their cousins grabbed some while taking a break from playing. Oakley suffered from asthma and had had several severe attacks in the past, but he had also tested positive for a mild peanut and tree nut allergy. Oakley didn’t know that the cake contained walnuts until he swallowed one."

Red Sneakers