Robyn O'Brien - November 29th 2016

Food Allergies & Food Sensitivities: Know the Difference

"Today, a life threatening allergic reaction to food sends someone to the emergency room in the United States once every three minutes. On November 24th, it was Oakley Debbs. He’d visited the ER multiple times for his asthma, but it was his nut allergy that sent him there where he died in his dad’s arms at the age of 11.

Today, one in ten children struggle with asthma, and one in four are affected by allergies. The incidence of allergy has increased significantly over the past two decades, and allergy to peanuts has more than quadrupled from 1997 to 2010. Approximately 30 million children – more than 1/3 of our kids – are affected by one of these four new childhood epidemics. This is not something we can just accept."

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