Popsugar - April 8th 2017

Parents Share Heartbreaking Warning After Their 11-Year-Old's Deadly Allergic Reaction

"When 11-year-old Oakley Debbs ate a piece of cake over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend last November, his family had no idea that it had the potential to kill him.

Oakley had a peanut allergy and when he realized his mistake, his family was alarmed but gave him Benadryl, which seemed to do the trick. His mom, Merrill, explained to WMTW that the allergy medicine had always worked in the past after an accidental consumption of nuts. She also shared that he felt "great" for the rest of the evening after taking the medicine. However, his condition took a drastic turn later that night and he went from playing with cousins and his twin sister to vomiting. Within minutes the child could no longer breathe."

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