Men's Health - February 22nd 2017

5 Things Every Dad Should Know About Nut Allergies- 

Nut allergies aren't just an inconvenience—they kill. Here's how to prevent a tragedy

"Oakley Debbs and his family knew he was allergic to nuts. But during a Thanksgiving trip to Maine, the 11-year-old West Palm Beach native ate a piece of pound cake, not realizing that it contained walnuts, reports Allergic Living. Once he discovered what had happened, his parents gave him Benadryl, which took care of the hive on his lip. He felt fine, but after the family went to bed, Debbs threw up, and his symptoms escalated quickly. He had trouble breathing. Though his parents called 911 and EMTs arrived quickly, he suffered a heart attack. He received two doses of epinephrine, but they were ineffective. He died later in the hospital."


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