ABC 25 WPBF - November 30th 2016

Parents raise awareness of food allergies after son’s death

"WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. — Oakley Debbs meant so much to his family during his 11 years of life.

That family hopes his death means much more to the rest of the world. Oakley died last week after accidentally eating a cake that had nuts in it. Oakley was allergic to nuts.

"I loved him so much," said his mother, Merrill Debbs. "It just feels like a force of nature has been ripped out."

The Debbs family was in Maine for the Thanksgiving holiday. After Oakley ate the cake, he told his mother and she gave him Benadryl. It's always worked in the past and it seemed to work this time. Oakley said he felt great and went back to playing with his cousins and his twin sister."

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