Parents - November 14th 2017

How to Keep Kids With Food Allergies Safe This Thanksgiving

| One family turns tragedy into vital outreach for other parents. Their advice can save your child's life! |

"Last Thanksgiving, Merrill and Robert Debbs' 11-year-old son Oakley ate a piece of cake while on vacation visiting family. Oakley, who had asthma and been told he had a "mild" nut allergy, suffered a severe reaction and was hospitalized. A few days later, he passed away. The cake had contained walnut extract.

Oakley's parents, who felt they hadn't received adequate medical advice about his allergy or about anaphylactic shock, formed a non-profit in their son's honor called Red Sneakers For Oakley. Named after the red shoes he favored because he felt they made him stronger and faster, the group has a mission of raising awareness about the dangers of food allergies."

Red Sneakers