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Red Sneakers for Oakley is dedicated to raising awareness about the dangers of food allergies and we need your help! Here we outline many ways you can get involved and help raise awareness.

We are all our best advocate, and we are most convincing when we have powerful statistics to quote. We also have great testimonials to share, and they are a great way to get people to stop and think about what living with food allergies really means. And visuals: powerful graphics to get people talking.

We engage in food allergy outreach in a variety of ways: Our school initiative, awareness events at community centers, restaurants, local businesses, even fitness gyms. We disseminate information to national media outlets, socially conscious brands (e.g., apparel, footwear, sporting goods, food products), and social influencers with broad platforms.

A cornerstone of our efforts is our presence on social media. We are active across most platforms, and you can find links to our profiles below. Simply click on the icons and you will be taken to our profiles. Here we focus on techniques and messages YOU can use on your social media: your Facebook, your Instagram, and more.

Thank you in advance for your support!

Note: We offer you tips, guidelines, and some advice. But remember, we are not medical professionals. Always ask your doctor/pediatrician/allergist if you have specific questions about your particular case and your allergens.


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Use these 'red sneakers for oakley' awareness graphics to promote allergy awareness on your social channels!



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fare emergency care plan

Anaphylaxis (pronounced an-uh-fil-LAX-is) is a severe, potentially life-threatening allergic reaction. Symptoms can affect several areas of the body, including breathing and blood circulation. Food allergy is the most common cause of anaphylaxis, although several other allergens—such as insect stings, medications or latex—can be potential triggers.

Interested in learning more? Take FARE’s free course, How to Save a Life: Recognizing and Responding to Anaphylaxis, to learn about anaphylaxis, its causes and the proper emergency response. 

Kid-Friendly Links

Courtesy of @sarahburger317 and her lovely family

Here are some videos, and articles with tips on how to communicate allergies with your child, because it's never too early to learn! 

-Spokin's 36 Skills To Teach Your
Food Allergic Child

-Kyle Dine and Friends

follow Kyle with his zany cast of puppets and music while learning about food allergies and how to handle them!

-Encouraging a Child to Eat After Anaphylaxis

CDC Guidelines for Managing Food Allergies In Schools and social Programs

This PDF is especially helpful for schools looking to modernize their food program in compliance with the FDA Food Safety Modernization Act and the needs of youth with food allergies. From methods and priorities to educating families and staff, this CDC-issued conclusive guide offers all the information necessary for ensuring your school and community acknowledge the needs of all those with allergies. 


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